Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an android application that works best on rooted devices. It runs on your Android smartphones and allows users to take control over the permissions that other installed apps come with on your device. Users have a choice to delete advertisements, access paid games and apps for free, modify permissions, create custom patches, create backups of other apps, and manipulate in-app purchases, among other functions. These entire features can only be accessed on rooted devices.

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Why Lucky Patcher?

Remove Ads

This application can easily remove annoying ads from any Android apps.If you download and install lucky patcher then you can remove any type of ads from your smartphone.

Move System App to SD Card

If you want to install any android large application/games such as GTA or Modern Combat 5. but your device has less internal memory. Don't worry, just download lucky patcher and easily move any system app to external SD card.

Create Data Backup and Restore

Sometimes we need to create backup our android app with apk and obb/data file. But most of the time we just create apk backup. Download the latest lucky patcher and easily create all backup of your app and keep safe.

Remove License Verification

While you download a paid game from third party website, but you can't able to access in due to license verification issue. Use Lucky Patcher app and fix the problem within few second.

Free App Purchases

Playing game is too much entertainment now day. But most of the game provided limited coin/money. If you want to get more coin to increase your gaming performance, then you need to purchases it. But If you our latest lucky patcher app, you can do free app purchases.

Convert External App into Internal App

If you want to make any android app to system app, then lucky patcher is can help you. This application can convert any android app to internal/system app.

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Lucky patcher is one of the best android application. I recommend this app to use all. This app can easily bypass any android application and give us lots of freedom.
Felix Doughry
CEO of FixiPixi

"Great App For Free App Purchasing And Ads Remove."


Lucky Patcher Custom Patch

A custom patch can modify or hack other Android applications and game when requested to. After finding the custom path for a targeted game or app, it becomes easy to hack or even modify it using lucky patcher. Lucky patcher can only modify an app if the data is stored locally. That means if data is stored in the cloud, lucky patcher will not manage to manipulate it.