Download Vidmate Old Version (2014-2015-2015-2016-2017-2019)

With YouTube growing by the day, the need for a consistent downloading application is needed. Vidmate apk old version has made a name for itself by creating a stellar application that allows users to download videos from various platforms such as daily motion, Instagram and many more. The most intriguing aspect of vidmate apk old version is the fact that it is consistent in allowing users to download videos hustle free. This is evident when most websites block download apps from downloading content from their websites. Over the years vidmate all old version has released several versions which add more features while removing bugs from previous versions.

Download Vidmate Old Version (2014-2015-2015-2016-2017-2019)

Vidmate Old Version

What Is Vidmate?

Considered one of the best video download apps, vidmate apk brings a nice interface that allows users to free download videos from various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, among others. Apart from acting as a download app, it also plays stored videos in your device. The coolest thing about vidmate apk old version’ video player is that it has balanced colors that allow viewers to enjoy videos in HD. Additionally, when downloading videos; the vidmate allows users to choose various formats along with their preferred sizes.

Vidmate 2014

In 2014, vidmate launched their first video download app; the vidmate 2014 which made it easier to download videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, among other platforms. Being its first app, it has a few challenges, however; its features are enormous. They include

  1. Vidmate 2014 comes with a video player that allows users to watch videos with ease without having to download third-party video players.
  2. The app is light, meaning you don’t need to delete some of your files for you to install it.
  3. Vidmate 2014 has several tabs such as movie, music and app section which made it easier for users to download videos or apps with ease


Vidmate 2015 

To improve its functions, vidmate updates the 2014 version which removes some annoying bugs which were present. It is during this period that vidmate 2015 app introduced download options which were all in HD, For instance, from 360p to 1080p. Some of its features include

  1. Vidmate 2015 supports downloading videos from video platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, among others.
  2. At just 3 megabytes, this app is quite light which is easy to install
  3. With a new tab for pictures, this new app supports several picture resources which allows you to simply search it and download it.
  4. With machine learning technique, vidmate2015 creates a personalized feed which allows you to watch videos which will most surely interest you.


Vidmate 2016 

At 5.4 megabytes, vidmate 2016 version brings a sense of oomph to your video download experience. The current version supports more video platforms such as vimeo, vine, tumblr, among others. The app targets users who have android users of above 2.2. Apart from having a video player for all videos, other features include

  1. Vidmate 2016 comes more tabs which make downloading of videos easier than before
  2. More personalized feeds which keep you entertained all through the day
  3. More pic resources which allow you to easily download pictures from various websites and blogs.
  4. The vidmate 2016 comes with unlimited free downloads for movies, music, and other blog videos.

Download Vidmate Old Version

Vidmate 2017

By now vidmate has hit over 50 million users courtesy of its impressive functionality. However, this milestone could have not been reached, if they had failed to fix some of the bugs that were present in the previous version. With over 1000 video and picture platforms, vidmate 2017 has made it easier for users to download videos and watch them offline which is by far more comfortable. Features that are included in the 2017 version include

  1. Vidmate 2017 has added more platforms where you can download videos with ease
  2. Now it’s easier to choose which video format you prefer to download your videos
  3. With a more accurate algorithm, the vidmate 2017 allows you to check personalized feeds, hence allowing you to enjoy things you love


Vidmate 2018

Currently, vidmate 2018 version is a more stable app which is probably one of the best apps since it was created. Apart from incorporating all the basic functions such as having an in the build video player and download manager; vidmate 2018 now supports more platforms while also accelerating downloads.

  1. The app is still light requiring only 13.4 megabytes of space
  2. With vidmate 2018 users now have more download options
  3. Supports android devices of above 4.0
  4. You can now download apps and games through it
  5. It has a better personalized feed when compared to its previous version


How to use vidmate old

Before you consider using the app, you need first to Download vidmate old or visit their free download vidmate website and install it

Step 1 download the app from a trusted source. (Note the app is not listed in Google play store since it infringes on their copy write laws) Login to your account and then search vidmate. Then click the box indicated install.

Step 2 once installed, you can launch it and check its interface

Step 3 if you are looking for a video on YouTube, click the YouTube icon and then type the name of the video that you wish to view or download on your vidmate apk old

Step 4 once your video loads, a red icon will start blinking at the right bottom part of your device.

Step 5 If you click on your vidmate apk old, you will now see several download options where you can choose your preferred format.

Advantage and disadvantage of vidmate


  • It supports various platforms where you can download videos
  • Vidmate 2018 offers a better experience by accelerating downloads
  • You can choose your preferred video format


  • vidmate all old version requires stronger internet for larger videos
  • It doesn’t support pc’s unless using third-party apps
  • It comes with various ads
  • Google does not support to download youtube videos using the 3rd party app.

FAQ about Vidmate

How much does it charge to use it?

The app is free unlike other apps which charge for their premium features

If the app is free how do they earn?

With technology taking center stage in the 21st century, vidmate all old version finds it easier to let people enjoy various features for free. However, they use ads to allow them to keep their operations active.

 Is vidmate available for iOS devices?

Contrary to most blogs, the app is only available for android users. IOS users can only access its features through third-party apps.


Considered one of the best video downloader apps, vidmate old version has created a cult following for its epic features which are all offered for free. Their latest version is quite impressive since you can now download videos at an accelerated speed. If you’ve not tried it, check the Download vidmate and see why it’s considered the best android app of this age.

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