Download Lucky Patcher Official APK 2020 v9.0

Lucky Patcher 2020 is an excellent android app that can help you the various way. If you know the proper use of lucky patcher, then you can get more advantage, such as you can block any types of ads on your Android device, modify apps, remove license verification, backup and restore app data, move app in SD card, delete system apps, etc

But unfortunately, this app is not available on Google Play because Google never allows hacking any apps or block ads in apps. So due to google terms and conditions, lucky patcher apk is not available on Google Play. So in this post, we are going to provide you direct ads free download link to lucky patcher 20o20 app.

We also review this app because google shows this app is harmful to the android device. Is it real or false?It’s an app that can adequately give you control over permission. Some people are concerned about using this app because when you installed a lucky patcher 2020 on your device, then you show an auto-message. But basically, this app is not designed for cracking purposes.

Lucky Patcher Alternative Apps

L.P. is made for basically block ads and transfer system apps from internal storage to external storage. This app analyzed the list of the installed android app on your device. It indicated the action you can carry out, among which you will find to block ads, extract the apk file to do the backup, remove license verification, to unlock paid app to be able to install on other devices.

Features of Lucky Patcher

Are you worry about payment? Or app purchases? Sometimes we can’t access all the features of some apps because some apps have app purchases features. But if you use lucky patcher app, then you can easily bypass app purchases. Below I share some list of games that can avoid for free and get unlimited coins.

Ads Remove Features

Advertisements that you see when you are using Android applications are frustrating. They can take away the entire user experience. Due to this reason, you must be looking for an effective method to get rid of all the advertisements on Android devices. That’s where Lucky Patcher will be able to assist you. It can be considered as a unique and a one of a kind tool, which can help you eliminate advertisements from any app installed on the Android device. Whether it is a game or a productivity app, you need to depend on Lucky Patcher. It will help you to get the job done within a short period as well. Therefore, Lucky Patcher can be considered as a straightforward solution available for all the individuals who are looking forward to getting rid of unwanted advertisements in their Android devices.

Remove License Verification and Free App Purchase

After you get your hands on some of the applications, you will be asked to purchase the license. You will not be able to use all the features that are provided with the app unless you have the license. On the other hand, your access to the app will be limited for a short period. After the expiry, you will be asked to make a payment again and gain your access to the app. But why do you want to pay for the app, when you can get it for free? All you have to do is to get hold of a tool that can remove the license verification from the apps. That’s where Lucky Patcher comes into play. Apart from removing the license verification, the Lucky Patcher app can help you get your hands on free app purchases as well.

Move App

n most of the Android devices, people have to go through a lot of struggles when they are moving the apps. But when you are using Lucky Patcher, you will be able to make sure that you don’t go through such struggles.

Free Data Backup
It is important for you to take backups of your data on a regular basis. Then you will be able to make sure that your data is not lost during an accident or even if your phone gets stolen. You don’t need to look for a dedicated app to back up data because Lucky Patcher can help you with that.
App Convert
Converting any app that you have stored in your Android device will not be a big hassle with Lucky Patcher. It provides a simple and straightforward approach, which you can follow to convert the apps. You will love the entire process that you will have to follow when turning the apps as well.

how to use lucky patcher

Modify App Permissions
If you can modify the permissions given for the apps, you will be able to experience a variety of benefits. You will be provided with the ability to get the most out of apps that you have installed. Lucky Patcher can help you to gain access to app modification permissions.
Safe and Secure
You don’t need to worry about your safety and security while you are using Lucky Patcher. It comes to you from a trusted developer. Therefore, you will be provided with the ability to trust the content that is being presented to you via the app.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk

Note:- If your device is not supported the latest version of L.P. then you should try to use the older version.

Minimum Requirement to use Lucky Patcher

For the application to be useful in its running, you will need to have a rooted device. By rooted, I mean an operating system with the user’s complete control of the invention. If your device is not rooted, you can use other applications to root it. Such are KingRoot and TowelRoot. Once your device is rooted, install the app and run it.

As it runs, it will give you a list of actions that it can do to the other applications as it runs as the administrator of your phone. With this access, the app will give you a list of actions that you can do to customize your application. Some of these can be legal while others border some illegalities.

Although having a rooted device is a requirement, you can accomplish the same without having a rooted device. However, it will limit the actions you can do to various applications. To get all the features of the app, root your device.

Different Color Meaning of Lucky Patcher

Red color – It is a danger of sign. When you see the apps which are highlighted in red color, that means this app can’t be modified using lucky patcher.

Orange Color – All internal system applications are highlighted in orange color.

Blue Color – If any apps have Google ads, it shows blue color.

Green Color – Green color means, you can easily be disconnected from App Store easily.

If your android device is not root properly, you can’t get full advantage. So now we share how to properly root your android device. You want to hack the android game and get unlimited access then you should download the Custom path.

Caution – Be careful, if you root your device then you lose your smartphone warranty.

How to Install Lucky Patcher?

Download the lucky patcher app from our download link, then press install.
Note – If you get installation blocking message then go setting and go security setting and tick unknown source ( Some UI include this features various place so check it you )

We share an ad-free download link so you can download L.P. only a single click. You see, that install process is starting, but you see a pop-up message ” Installation Blocked” because the latest version of Android is too intelligent, and they can be realized lucky patcher is harmful to your device.

But it’s not 100% correct. This app needs some grand permission and all hidden access. However, we come to the main point. You click more details and click ” Install anyway(unsafe). Now you see the lucky patcher app is installed on your android device. Now open it and see new version features(If the internet connection is active).

If you have got any error, that means your device is not rooted correctly.

About Lucky Patcher New User interface with Screenshot

You saw the lucky patcher app user interface. Open the app which you want to modify or patch it. I want to modify Sniper Fury, So I press it and see some menu

  • App Info ( You can see all information about this app like as size, pack name, app path, app version, build version, app install date etc).
  • Launch App ( Open this app ).
  • Open Menu of Patchers ( If you want to create a modified apk file then you can use this option).
  • Tools ( This function has some important features such as clone apps, remove saved purchases, app backup, and app share).
  • Uninstall App.
  • Manage the app.

Advantage and Disadvantage of the Lucky Patcher App:-

It is a useful Android application for cracking app; this app is specially designed and develop for android users. Over 600+ millions of people use the L.P. to remove ads from apps, free app purchases, game hacking purpose. You should remember that each app has the advantage there is also a disadvantage of it.


  • This app can hack any android offline game.
  • Remove annoying Ads from any apps.
  • Move system app internal memory to external memory.
  • Bypass any license verification.
  • Lots of custom patches available.


  • This app can full damage to your Android device.
  • L.P. needs to allow install any android app from unknown sources, so it harmful for your privacy.
  • This app needs root permission, so while you are processing rooting, then your smartphone can be brick.

Some Common Question About Lucky Patcher

Q. I have used iPhone X, can I use this app?

Ans. Now, lucky patcher is only available for the Android operating system and it comfortable all android versions. But it has no iOS version right now. You can use lucky patcher alternative app for iOS.

Q. Is this app can slow my phone?

Ans. If your android os is older, but you use the latest version of the L.P., it can be probably slow. But the main reason for phone slow is the lower hardware configuration.

Q. Are all games support lucky patcher?

Ans. Most of the popular android game supported, you can see the latest lucky patcher games.

Q. Which is the best app, Freedom or Lucky Patcher?

Ans. For my personal experience, a lucky patcher is the best app for game and app hacking. But freedom is also one of the best apps for game hacking.

Q. Can I hack the online games using it?

Ans. No, you can’t.

Q. What is a custom patch?

Ans. The Custom patch can hack the android app.


As you can see, Lucky Patcher can be considered as one of the most versatile and diverse applications available for the Android smartphone owners to try out. You will love all the features that are being delivered to you with this app. For example, it can be used to help you take regular backups and protect the sensitive data that you have stored on the device. On the other hand, the Lucky Patcher app is in a position to help you save a lot of money as well. That’s because you can refrain from purchasing the apps that you want to install on your Android device. This is the full detail of this app. You will get complete information about L.P. So, please stay on this website and get the regular update.