Download Lucky Patcher Official APK 2020 v8.6.3

With the growth of paid apps, lucky patcher official apk v8.6.3 2020 was built to veto other application permissions. It is a tool that manipulates other applications and allows you to take control of other applications on your device and make changes to them. Lucky Patcher apk is an android application and works both on un-rooted and rooted devices. It performs ok on un-rooted devices but to enjoy the full features users need to root their devices.

Before downloading and installing Lucky patcher apk it good to check whether your Android device meets the requirements and if it does continue downloading. Once installed it analyzes and lists all installed apps on your android device while indicating the necessary action it can take, among which include, unlocking paid apps, modify the associated permissions, remove the license verification, removing Ads and many more. It is paramount to note that in case of installing the app may not work well on your device and you may end up losing a lot of your files so it is good to always back up the important files.

What is the Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher 2020 is an android application that works best on rooted devices. It runs on your Android smartphones and allows users to take control over the permissions that other installed apps come with on your device. Users have a choice to delete advertisements, access paid games and apps for free, modify permissions, create custom patches, create backups of other apps, and manipulate in-app purchases among other functions. These entire features can only be accessed on rooted devices.


Lucky patcher game hack works by replacing the original code present with a new one which is modified. In a few cases, it completely removes the original code to get access to the needed features. A good example is how it places a patch to remove a license verification which is essential in reviewing an app license.

What is Lucky Patcher Custom Patch:- 

Custom patches are normally made manually for each game and apps. Bypassing the License verification procedure is similar in all cases, and they have a 50% chance of working which developers can’t explain why. For the blocking ad feature, this works in 100% cases, so it is guaranteed that it gets rid of ads.

Hacking of in-app purchase will only work only if data is saved on your phone. For those apps that save data in the cloud, the lucky patcher will not work on such games.

Ads Remove

Ads Remove

This app can easily remove any ads from install android apps. Now Enjoy Ad-Free experience on your android device.

Move Apps

Move Apps

Easily move any system app to SD card. You can also backup and restore data using it.

Free App Purchases

Free App Purchases using lucky patcher

This app saves your money to do free app purchases. So download lucky patcher and enjoy.

Custom Path

Custom Path

Use lucky patcher custom path, and easily get premium features without paying money.

Requirements For Lucky Patcher App

The requirement needed to use Lucky Patcher original is to have an android version of 4.1 and above and must be rooted. This is easy especially if your device is installed with Towel root King Root. Installation of Xposed Module Repository helps in giving full permissions to Lucky Patcher. So what is root?

What is Android Root?

In technologically root refers to the top-level file system. Rooting an android device is useful to users if their wireless carrier has restrictions on using the devices, such as preventing hot spot tethering. It also gives users unrestricted access to the entire file system; it is a similar action such as jailbreaking of an iPod touch or iPhone.

How to root android device:

Download KingoRoot Windows version and install while at the same time leaving unchecked the option to Install  Chromium browser and then decline any other adware incursions. Then you should enable USB debugging option on your smartphone. For Android version 4.0 or 4.1, tap Settings then navigate to Developer Options and then select USB debugging. Afterward, select to approve the setting change. On Android 4.3 and later including 5.0 select Settings, navigate to About Phone option, and then select Build Number. Tap it 7 times; afterward, you should see the message telling you that you are now a developer. Finally, tap Settings, navigate to about Phone, then Developer Options, then select USB debugging.” And tap OK to approve the setting change. Using your PC Run Android Root and connect the USB cable to your phone then click Root

From the above information, we can draw a simple figure about this app that it’s such an amazing app that helps you to remove maximum unwanted things from your phone. You can’t find many apps like that ever on the play store even if you search on the internet. So, if you are looking forward to an app that will help you and will take you out of the maze of the ads and unwanted apps then just don’t waste so much time on thinking and straightforward download the lucky patcher app.

Download Lucky Patcher Orignal APK Game

Lucky Patcher APK Features

  • Lucky patcher can blocks Ads through blocking or overriding other application apps on your device.
  • It gets rid of license verification from installed applications by selecting the open menu of patches then tapping remove license verification.
  • Forced removes the pre-installed application on your Android device.
  • It manages other installed application permissions and removes the permission of the application upon request. This helps users unlock all features of the app.
  • It is always a challenge to move applications to SD cards, and lucky patcher helps you bypass the problem. With one click you can move any application to the SD card.
  • It has the ability to create a custom patch for selected applications, and this makes the apps assume the pro version.
  • Lucky patcher helps to create a modified application in one click. Users can simply modify any application of their choice to function as they require.
  • The application is easy to update since it notifies you of an updated version that is present and users simply download directly without seeking third-party applications to help in downloading. You can take a complete backup of the application. Which take all the backup of the data
  • Most users have encountered an incompatible error while using the google play store and lucky patcher solves this problem by creating a custom patch that modifies the play store.
  • Dalvik cache is a program cache area for dalvik program, and dalvik is a java based virtual machine that holds the bases for running the program. Dalvik cache from the application helps in refreshing the Android app without necessarily rebooting it manually.
  • It also does in-app purchases without google play store recognizing. It overrides the google play store such that after installation and launching, users can go to the purchase section and it asks you “do you want to try to get this app for free” you can choose yes, and there you get your app.
  • The application helps in downloading custom patches that modify other apps and games, and it does so without the app being updated.
  • Any android user can tell you how it is next to impossible to install the same application on one android device. Lucky patcher has an option that helps to clone other applications of choice. Users simply launch it and long press the application they wish to clone and then choose duplicate, and the clone application appears.
  • It is very common to have the application that misbehaves especially if you deleted or modified an inbuilt app. Lucky patcher helps to solve that problem by freezing that application.

Color meaning

  • The green color means it can be registered and disconnected from the Play Store.
  • The yellow color suggests that a specific patch available.
  • The blue color indicates that Ads are included in the app.
  • Purple color indicates a system startup app.
  • The orange color suggests that an app is a system app.
  • Red indicates that a certain app cannot be modified.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Lucky Patcher

This app comes with a host of features that are enticing to android users. When the application is launched a comprehensive list of all installed apps will appear on your Android device, and upon selecting on one of them, there will be available options such as access other special tools, delete additional data or uninstall it will appear. Some of the wonderful features that appear under the special tools include deactivating ads and creating a modified APK.

The Advantage of Lucky Patcher

The lucky patcher 2020 version v8.02 is compatible with many selected handheld devices. Users have a choice to delete advertisements that are troublesome especially if you are playing games; it also helps to give you access to paid games and apps for free which is cool since you get to enjoy a holistic feature that is only available on paid versions.

Furthermore, it helps you modify permissions and create custom patches that help you to manipulate in-app purchases. Another advantage worth mentionings that it lets you clone an application on your phone, this helps you to keep your phone private and nobody knows which application is real and which is cloned, also the application is lightweight and it doesn’t take too much storage space.

The Disadvantage of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher has been known to cause full damage to some Android devices. This happens because the app has full permission to the rooted device and on several occasions may mess up with the wrong features that modify an entire application.

It allows users to install applications from unknown sources and in some cases, this is harmful since there is a possibility of installing malware or a virus on your device. This causes total damage and when the virus is removed most files get lost.

Some applications fail to install if they detect lucky patcher is installed, and though this can be bypassed, it is quite a challenge for users who are not technologically savvy.

Lucky Patcher can be downloaded through many platforms, but as usual, many of them will have a lot of ads. After observing that your Android device meets the basic requirements for the lucky patcher to run, you can now download it.

Step1 Simply go to the download page of the lucky patcher and find the latest version.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk Official 2020

App NameLucky Patcher
App Versionv8.6.3
App Size8.02 MB
Total Download1 Billion+
App DeveloperChelpus
Requires Android4.0 and up
User Rating4.8/10



Step2 Download the zip file,

Step3 unzip the file and install it. Note if you download it as a normal apk some browsers such as chrome will view it as malware, so it is essential to download it from the lucky patcher website.

Step4 during installation, if you see any warning, just ignore it and tap installs anyway.

Lucky Patcher 2020 Tutorial:-

How to Remove the Ads?

It is important for users to note that their devices should be rooted to enjoy this feature. Most apps come with advertisements that are embedded within the app, such that when you tap that spot by mistake, the advertisements redirect you to the advert’s website.

Step1 root your device.

Step2 Download and install lucky patcher.

Step3 launch lucky patcher.

Step4 tap the app you wish to remove ads.

Step5 open its menu.

Step6 choose to remove ads.

How to Hack in-App Purchase?

Lucky patcher is the go-to app that helps you maneuver your way to the best games. It is now easier to win games since after hacking, it gives you access to every premium feature present in the games or apps. It is now easier to make more gold, coins, and money while playing without the need to buy the app.

Method 1

Step 1 Lunch Lucky patcher app and choose to grant root access to it.

Step 2 You may choose to close Lucky patcher minimize during this time

Step 3 Open the app of which you would want to get the paid vision or Provision.

Step 4 Navigate to the purchase section and then tap on the pro version or the buy option.

Step 5 at this moment the Lucky patcher’s window will launch by itself in place of in-app purchase small window. In that window, the app will ask you whether you wish to get the paid app for free and you will select yes.

Method 2

Step 1 Launch the Lucky patcher app and select the app you wish to modify, that is the in-app purchase.

Step 2 If the option of in-app purchase is available, you will view that in-app purchase option is found.

Step 3 You will have to tap on the app or long-press it and then choose the option to open the menu of patches.

Steps 4 Choose the option that tells you to support patch for in-app and LVL emulation.

Steps 5 Choose to apply, then wait as it finishes. Afterward, your Android device will automatically reboot

Method 3

Step 1 Launch the Lucky patcher app.

Step 2 search for Google play store.

Step 3 choose it and then select the option of the open menu of patches

Step 4 you will be prompted with a warning telling you it is a system app, then you will select ok

Step 5 choose the option indicating custom patch, then select support in-app and LVL android vending and finally select apply.

Step 6 reboot your android device.

Step 7 review and redo method 1.

The Popular FAQ of the Lucky Patcher

Question: Is Lucky patcher app safe to use?

Answer: Until today, there are over 20 million lucky patcher users, and there is no reasonable evidence that showed that damage was done on an Android device due to the use of lucky patcher.

Question: Does lucky patcher support all apps and games?

Answer: Lucky patcher supports many games and apps, but it is next to impossible to make it work on every app in the market. Nevertheless, the app requires your skill to figure out how to manipulate major games and apps.

Question: why does my device say Patch Cannot be applied after applying a custom patch?

Answer: it is essential to note that though a custom patch may be available, sometimes these patches cannot be applied simply because the game installed is quite different from the custom patch.

Question: why does Google Chrome recognize this file as harmful?

Answer: Google chrome is sensitive, and for every apk file you download it recognizes it as a malware, but it is just a protocol, and it has no major effect so it is advisable just to ignore it.

Question: Why is my device slow after running Lucky Patcher?

Answer: This can be attributed to two facts one is that your Android device is outdated and in most cases it runs on gingerbread, if it is so, please upgrade your device. The second reason can be attributed to the fact that the busybox is poorly installed or your superuser app is not good if this is so, please install SuperSU and busybox.

Question: Does Lucky patcher run on IOS devices?

Answer: At the moment Lucky patcher is only available for Android devices only. It will require huge updates for it to run on IOS devices and there is a negative chance it will happen soon.

App Changelog:-

App Version 8.4.7:

  • Fix black screen for some firmware
  • Translations updated

App Version v8.2.4:

  • Root install for android 9 fixed.
  • Custom patches import fixed.
  • Translations updated.
  • Fixed bugs.

App Version 8.2.3:

  • Translations updated.
  • Force close fixed.
  • Fixed bugs.

App Version 8.2.2:

  • Update host fixed;
  • Translations updated;
  • Fixed bugs.

App Version 8.2.1:

  • Open Navigation bar with the menu button.
  • Navigation bar reworked.
  • Remove root access for the installation process.
  • Installation for non-root reworked.
  • The bottom toolbar added.
  • Show languages to settings fixed.
  • Translations updated.
  • Fixed bugs.


Lucky patcher 2020 is the best app on the market, way ahead of its time. Android phones are the largest in the market with over 2.1 billion users around the globe, and most users have rated it a four-star. The enormous privileges experienced while using this app are wonderful, many people including I get irritated by the fact that every time you wish to play a game or get more coins you have to watch an advertisement. Well with this app that is no longer the case, it lets you take control of your device, and you simply can choose what to do an app.

It is paramount to root your phone if you wish to enjoy the holistic features that this phone looks to give users. Most applications and games hold players hostage by the fact that you can’t manage to play a certain level without buying gold or even enjoy chatting with a person if you don’t buy a pro version. With lucky patcher that advantage is taken away from them and you could simply create a custom patch that will allow you to bypass those factors.